How to export your Runtastic “Sleep Better” data on Android

Sleep Better with Runtastic is a well-polished sleep tracking app for Android and iOS that I’ve been using for the past year or so without issue. Unfortunately I found out a few days ago that Runtastic does not sync your sleep session data with their servers, which means that you lose everything if you uninstall the app or get a new phone. Having no export function also means that you are limited to the app’s visualisation and statistics features.

I started digging for a solution and soon found that the app stores its database at the following location (access to this directory requires root):


This turns out to be a sqlite database that you can view with any compatble program (I used DB Browser for SQLite) and from there you can easily export the data in each table as a CSV file.


As an example of what you can do with the data, I made a scatterplot of the number of hours I slept against my sleep efficiency:


If only companies would make it easier to access your own data.


2 thoughts on “How to export your Runtastic “Sleep Better” data on Android

    • Hi tp

      I expect you’ll have to jailbreak the device to access the file system on iOS, although unfortunately I have no experience with that.

      Good luck!

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